Manufacturing flexibility…it’s a core competitive advantage your company needs in today’s marketplace. Progressive can help you gain the edge by developing solutions that can optimize and manage your costs, supply chain, production process, and resource allocation.

We collaborate with our clients to develop customized software and systems that are easy to operate, stable and reliable. We have experience in ERP systems, quality management and customer relationship management.


Today’s healthcare industry is facing a variety of complex challenges, from new regulations to increased pressure to deliver better patient care with fewer resources.

Information technology is playing a key role in helping healthcare providers meet these new demands. Progressive has worked with both private and public healthcare providers in India and America to create complete solutions. We’ve developed systems that include tools for Electronic Medical Record (EMR) management, patient communication and appointment booking, as well as data warehousing.


While manufacturing companies pursue faster, simpler and better industrial production, smart digital services can also help standardize, streamline and simplify the agriculture process. Progressive has delivered several customized solutions for the agriculture & animal farming industry, including device support to more than half a million farmers across India.