Mr. Amod Vaidya

As the founder and general manager of Progressive, Amod is responsible for the strategic direction of the company. Critical factors to Progressive's success are his commitment to honesty and the channeling of his active and enthusiastic personality into the company spirit.

Amod is responsible for ensuring fast time to value for customers via simple and flexible application architecture and product technology. Amod brings over 10 years of software development & technology experience, with special focus on scalability, security, and enterprise application extensibility.

Amod considers “Agile” to be a mindset and an attitude, not only a development methodology. From 2009, he has been committed to leading Progressive as an Agile enterprise and empowering our people to have an Agile mindset, which goes beyond any process to permeate all activities throughout the workplace.

Mr. David Tharakan
Chief Sales Officer

In his role as chief of sales and marketing, David is responsible for Progressive’s sales and marketing activities, including company brand and market position development, industry analysis, and public relations. He works closely with Progressive’s leadership team to ensure the company is well-positioned for continued growth in key markets

David has many years of management experience in IT and consulting services. Before joining Progressive, he was responsible for vendor management, business process development, and sales operations for several IT companies.